Photo of the church sanctuary during services with people sitting in the pews.

Welcome to Saint Michael Catholic Church

The Annual Fall Festival is right around the corner!
October 7 & 8

First Day of Classes at the School of Religion

First Communion Classes
Wednesday Classes: September 6 (6:30 pm)
Sunday Classes: September 10 (8:45 am & 10:45 am)

Confirmation Classes (3rd Year only)
Sunday, September 10 (4:30 pm)

RICA (Adults in Spanish)
Sunday, September 10  (7:00 am)

RCIA (Adults in English)
Monday, September 11  (7:00 pm)

Altar Servers (English Masses)
Parent Meeting and Partial Training
Tuesday, September 5 at 7:00 pm

Welcome Message from our Pastor:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: Welcome to Saint Michael Catholic Church in Gainesville Ga. I am delighted to have you amongst us. Our parish is a diverse, multicultural community centered in Jesus’ love. We have been in this area for many years. We have nurtured our Catholic faith in Northern Georgia specially in the area of Gainesville through our parish of Saint Michael. People have noticed that Saint Michael is a very special place where the people of God come and feel welcome, and they make this their spiritual home. The richness of a parish is not a building by itself, it is, its people, the community, the love that we have for one another. It is truly the ecclesia, the mystical body of Christ. It is a community of faith, of loving kindness and respect. It is a community that partakes and shares the bounties of God’s graces and His love. Though we all are different, all of us deserve to be welcomed and to be part of this community. Our Catholic faith calls us to share with all our brothers and sisters : One Body and Bread in the Eucharist. That is the beauty of being Catholic. Here there are no boundaries , no matter the race, no matter the culture, no matter the social or financial status, Jesus welcomes us into his heart. So, please make yourself at home. I hope that I will meet you soon. That we may grow in the love for Christ close and personal and that we would be able to share His love in our community. For His honor and glory. Amen.


Monsignor Jaime Barona, Pastor


Estimados hermanos y hermanas en Cristo: Bienvenidos a la iglesia católica San Miguel en Gainesville, Georgia. Estoy muy contento que se encuentren entre nosotros. Nuestra parroquia es muy diversa; una comunidad multicultural centrada en el amor de Jesús. Hemos estado en Gainesville desde hace mucho tiempo. Hemos nutrido la fe católica en el noreste de Georgia de manera especial en el área de Gainesville por medio de nuestra parroquia de San Miguel. El pueblo se ha dado cuenta que San Miguel es un lugar especial en el cual el pueblo de Dios llega y se siente bienvenido y hacen de este lugar su hogar espiritual. Las riquezas en una parroquia no se limitan al edificio en sí mismo sino a la gente, la comunidad que expresa su amor de los unos a los otros. Verdaderamente es la ecclesia, el cuerpo místico de Cristo. Una comunidad de fe, de amor, de amabilidad y respeto; una comunidad que comparte la gracia y el amor de Dios. Aunque seamos todos diferentes, todos merecemos ser bienvenidos para formar parte de esta comunidad. Nuestra fe católica nos llama a compartir como hermanos y hermanas: Un mismo Pan y Cuerpo en la Eucaristía. ¡Esa es la belleza de ser católico! No hay fronteras, no importa la raza, ni la cultura, ni el estatus social o financiero: todos somos bienvenidos al corazón de Jesús y por lo tanto sientánse bienvenido en casa. Espero conocerlos pronto para que así crezcamos en el amor a Cristo quien nos llama para compartir su Amor en nuestra comunidad. Por la mayor honra y gloria de Dios. Amén

Con afecto,

Monsignor Jaime Barona, Párroco