Confession forgives any sins committed after Baptism. But if you are not repentant, then you are not forgiven. Only a Bishop or a priest can absolve sins in Confession. Ac actual mortal sin occurs when one does something that is seriously immortal, with full deliberation and knowledge. To be forgiven, admit your sin in Confession, with true sorrow (regret for sin) and repentance (a turning away from sin, toward the love of God and neighbor). Confession restore the state of salvific grace lost by actual mortal sin.


If you are not able to make it to our scheduled confession times or if it has been a while since your last confession and think it will take more than a couple of minutes, then consider making an appointment with our priest.

To make an appointment with:

      • Our pastor, Fr Tim Hepburn

        • please contact the main office

      • Our vicar, Fr Cong Nguyen

        • please call: 678-831-8041 or email:

      • Our vicar, Fr Jorge Carranza

        • please call: 678-831-8043 or email:

Fr Tim Hepburn
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Fr. Cong Nguyen
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Fr Jorge Carranza
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