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Eucharistic Miracle
of the Week

 ***New Mass Weekend Schedule***

Starting Nov. 15th, we are adding a new Sunday morning Mass in Spanish temporarily, since our  1pm Spanish Mass is overcrowded due to covid-19  social distancing utilizing the Nave, the Social Hall,  and our downstairs classrooms.  

Saturday Vigil Masses: 

4:30pm English 
6:30pm Spanish  

Sunday Masses: 

7:30am English  
9:00am Spanish (new temporary Mass)  10:30am English 
1:00pm Spanish  
3:00pm Vietnamese 
5:00pm Youth Mass Bi-lingual

Renewed Day by Day

This week you will receive a brochure introducing our
Renewed, Day by Day Program. Our community spent
the last several months responding to the historical
covid-19 crisis in so many ways. I’m honored to be a
part of the St. Michael Catholic Church community. On
Commitment Sunday, November 15th, I invite everyone
to join together and participate in securing our parish’s
future. I ask that you please review this brochure and
prayerfully consider how you and your family can help
St. Michael Catholic Church by financially supporting
our ministries, furthering our mission, and reinforcing
our future.

We ask that all faithful parishioners complete a
Commitment Card. A card will be included in the
brochure mailing for you to:
*mail to the church using the pre-addressed envelope
included in the mailing.
*or bring your card to Mass next Sunday
*or you may visit our parish website at
www.saintmichael.cc and complete an electronic
Commitment Card.

The back of the Commitment Card has a place for you to
include any prayer intentions you wish to share. We
welcome all intentions and they will be prayed over
during the Prayers of the Faithful at Mass.

Our goal is 100% participation! Thank you for your
generosity and support of St. Michael Catholic Church!

Father Tim


Advent Mission with Father Tim

Father Tim Hepburn will present an Advent Mission
here at St. Michael on Sunday, November 29th, Monday
November 30th, and Tuesday, December 1st, beginning
at 6:30 pm each evening.

Nov. 29th: O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Receiving Christ

Nov. 30th: Ransom Captive Israel, Living in True Freedom

Dec. 1st: Rejoice, Rejoice Emmanuel Has Come,
Always finding a way to be grateful

Archbishops Annual Appeal 2020
November 1st update

Goal for 2020: $73,500
Total pledged so far: $96,054
Pledges paid to date: $74, 365
Goal % achieved to date: 101% !!!
Number of families pledged so far: 322

How exciting for St. Michael to be at 101% of our goal with 6
weeks remaining in 2020. There are still over $20k in
unfulfilled pledges.

Remember, every dollar we go over our goal is returned to the
parish 100%. If we can just fulfill half of the outstanding
pledges that will almost pay for the new roof for the rectory.
Or, if we fulfilled all of the pledges, it will pay for the
resurfacing of our parking lots scheduled to be done in 2021.

We are blessed at St. Michael by your generosity.

Announcement for the wearing of
facemasks at Mass due to Covid-19

We would like to remind all Mass attendees over the age of 7 years old, that we are required by the Archbishop of Atlanta to wear protective facemasks and social distance during our Mass celebration. The Centers for Disease Control have stated, “the wearing of protective facemasks are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus”. Thank you for showing your care and respect for all of our brothers and sisters around us. 

If for any reason you cannot wear a facemask throughout the entire Mass, please see an usher and they will find space for you in the social hall or in a classroom downstairs where you can watch the Mass on Facebook live.

Providing a Safe Environment 

Providing A Safe Environment

St. Michael and the Archdiocese of Atlanta is committed to provide a safe environment for all its’ parish family. We have an ongoing concern for those who have suffered abuse. The Archdiocese provides an abuse hotline at 1-888-437-0764 to report abuse or suspected abuse. At our St. Michael website, www.saintmichael.cc, under the banner of Safe Environment, you can access other resources to report suspected abuse. The Archdiocese of Atlanta provides ongoing support for healing for those who have suffered this inexcusable trauma.

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