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Congratulations to our 2021 Spring
Raffle Prize Drawing Winners!

1st Prize: Olga Alguilar $10,000 
2nd Prize: Sam McMillan $2,000 
3rd Prize: Kym Chandler $1,000 

Panama City Beach Week: Vietnamese Community 

What an incredible blessing received by St. Michael for everyone who help support our 2021 Spring Raffle. Due to the great success of your generosity, we will be resealing our front parking lot, replacing the condenser on one of our HVAC units, refurbishing and repairing our front entry steps and sidewalk, replacing 10  damaged windows around the church, and putting a  new roof on our rectory.  

Total raffle sales were $58,930 not counting the proceeds from our ministry food sales from last Sunday that have not all been turned in yet.  

Please thank the Lord in your daily prayers for the blessings received!

A Note from Father Tim

Dear Parishioners,

My father, Andy Hepburn, passed into Our Lord’s embrace on May 15th. Though my family was sad, all of
us felt a beautiful power, a comforting grace lifting us up. I know it was, in great measure, the Holy Spirit’s
response to your prayers for us. Many of you, in fact, hundreds of you expressed your sympathy and
encouragement through cards and letters. I write today to say thank you. You have truly been a family to my

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Tim

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Protective Masks Are Now Optional Attending Mass


As we prepare to celebrate Pentecost this weekend, based on the guidance of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, the wearing of protective masks is now optional. If you want to continue to wear a protective mask for any reason, you are welcome to do so. We will also be removing the chains on every other pew.
If you are just returning to Mass and are concerned about being too close, we might suggest attending the 5 pm Youth Mass on Sunday afternoon for a while, since it has a smaller Mass attendance with the youth group not meeting for the summer.

The Cause for the Five Georgia Martyrs


In the late sixteenth century six Spanish Franciscan priests came to what is now the Georgia coast to minister to the native people called the Guale.  

By 1597 there were five missions in Coastal Georgia where  Franciscan friars preached the Gospel, learned the indigenous  Guale language and lived peacefully with the native population. Most Guale natives not only embraced  Christianity but also welcomed European goods such as glass beads, metal tools, various cloths and other luxury items.  

The friars lived among the Guale without any military presence, giving evidence to the good relations between the  Guale and the missionaries.  

In September 1597, due to the friars not allowing a baptized  Guale man to take a second wife, the heir to the Guale  chiefdom ordered the death of the friars. Over a three-day period, five of the six friars were killed.  

The names of the five Georgia Martyrs are Friar Pedro de  Corpa, Friar Blas de Rodriguez, Friar Miguel de Anon, Friar  Antonio de Badajoz, and Friar Francisco de Verascola. The  

sixth Friar Francisco de Avila was kidnapped and tortured until  he was liberated months later.

Please go to www.thegeorgiamartyrs.org to learn more of the  cause for the five Georgia Martyrs canonization.

 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal 2021

We are nearing the halfway point of the year and here is where we stand with this year’s Archbishop’s Annual Appeal for St. Michael.

Goal: $80,100
Pledged so far: $83,446
Paid to date: $46,678
% of Goal Received: 57%
Number of Contributors: 290

The Archbishop’s Annual Appeal supports many services of the Archdiocese. The Education of our Seminarians is a key component of the Annual

If you have not made your annual pledge yet, pledge forms are available in our narthex (lobby) or just stop by the parish office.

Every dollar over our annual goal received comes back to St. Michael 100%.


Providing a Safe Environment 

Providing A Safe Environment

St. Michael and the Archdiocese of Atlanta is committed to provide a safe environment for all its’ parish family. We have an ongoing concern for those who have suffered abuse. The Archdiocese provides an abuse hotline at 1-888-437-0764 to report abuse or suspected abuse. At our St. Michael website, www.saintmichael.cc, under the banner of Safe Environment, you can access other resources to report suspected abuse. The Archdiocese of Atlanta provides ongoing support for healing for those who have suffered this inexcusable trauma.

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