Photo of the church sanctuary during services with people sitting in the pews.

Our Staff


Beth Andert, Volunteer Coordinator

Ext. 1210





Lacy Hendricks, Business Manager

Ext. 1200 -





Deacon Bill Lange, Director of Facilities







Gilberto Contreras, Repair and Maintenance







Dolly Matovina, Office Manager

Ext. 1204 -





Delmy Ramírez-Pineda, Office Assistant


Ashley Torres, Office Assistant

Ext. 1212







Adriana Sargent, Director -  School of Religion

Ext. 1207 -






(Photo Unavailable at this Time)

Amelia Seid - Assistant Director - School of Religion

Ext. 1208 -




CJ Clarke, Youth Coordinator


Ext. 1209,






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