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Faith Formation

Faith Formation Ministry


Adriana Sargent, 770.534.3338 Ext. 1207,

Amelia Seid, 770.534.3338 Ext. 1208,

The Continuing Christian Development program is open to parishioners from ages three through grade eight who attend either public or non-Catholic private school. They receive information and formation in Gospel values, Catholic doctrine, and the traditions and practices of our Church.

The dedicated volunteers of SOR possess a deep love of God and a desire to share their faith coupled with the ability to work lovingly with children. Parishioners may serve as teachers, substitute teachers, or teacher aides. They may also offer their time and talent to SOR as clerical helpers, musicians or arts and crafts people.





Parents and Godparents are invited to participate in Baptism Preparation for the child. Classes are held monthly. Beyond the event of Baptism, the team provides opportunity for the parents of the newly baptized to continue their child’s faith development.



Adriana Sargent, 770.534.3338 Ext. 1207

Amelia Seid, 770.534.3338 Ext. 1208

Christian Initiation is a journey of conversion that transforms children as well as their families. Through sacramental initiation, children become active members of the Body of Christ. This program is for children 2nd through 12th grade who wish

to be baptized or would like to come into full communion with the Catholic

Church. The group meets regularly during the 10:00 am Mass from September through April.

Any active member of the parish who would like to guide a child on their faith journey as a sponsor is also welcome to join the program. Teaching is not required for sponsors.

Training is available.


Adriana Sargent, 770.534.3338 Ext. 1207

Amelia Seid, 770.534.3338, Ext. 1208



"CJ" Clarke, 770.534.3338, Ext. 1209

Empowering young people to become witnesses for Christ’s love by living their faith and working for peace and social justice.

Engaging them to participate in the life, mission and works of the greater community faith. In our youth group, we foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person through a variety of activities – Drama, Service, Sunday Night Live, Urban Plunge & Vacation Bible School.



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